Custom Personalized Elite Survival Kit


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Not sure what you need for you and your family to survive?  Let our specialists help you decide.  Our Specialists are trained in Emergency Response, Contingency Planning,  Emergency Preparedness, Tactical Operations, Tactical Advanced First Aid.


Step 1:
Submit your $25.00 deposit, we will send you a detailed questionnaire. Fill out the questionnaire so we can understand your personal survival needs. If you choose to purchase one of our custom tailored kits, the $25.00 deposit will be applied to your purchase.  If you do not to go with our kits, the $25.00 is non refundable.
Once you submit the Survival Questionnaire, your Preparedness Specialist will send you a comprehensive outline of recommended items with weights, prices, and details.

You have the option of choosing which items you’d like to keep or remove as part of your package.

Step 2:
Chat with our Emergency Response and Contingency Planning Specialist to finalize your list.

Step 3:
We ship everything you and your family need to survive, straight to your door. 

Kits available:
-Single person bug out bags
-Family bug out bags
-Children specific bug out bags
-Family Pet bug out bags
-Vehicle kits
-Get home and EDC bags
-Bug in kits
-and many more options


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